Knitwear for Every Body

Universal and Adaptive Knit and Crochet Patterns

Universal and Adaptive Knitwear

Each pattern I design has something special that makes it either universally wearable by many people – like my Marilue Cowl – or incorporating an adaptive design – like my JT Necktie.

Marilue Cowl Pattern


I started designing knit and crochet patterns when my mom was diagnosed with ALS.  I want each pattern I make to help make ALS a livable disease.  At least 10% of all purchases go directly to organizations that support ALS Research and Outreach.

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WheelChair Wheel Covers

Show off your style with pre-made crochet wheelchair wheel covers.   Made of durable yarn and treated against stains, our wheelchair wheel covers are amazing conversation starters and way to show off your personal style.

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About Me

Hi, my name is Liz.  When my mom was diagnosed with ALS, I started looking for knitting patterns that would work for her as she struggled with limited mobility and dexterity.  I started looking critically at the patterns I found online.  Knitting and crochet are great for creating useful clothing and accessories.  With just a few simple tweaks, we can create beautiful and functional clothing that work for all people!

Liz, a blond woman is looking directly into the camera, wearing a teal short sleeve top and a mint green knitted cowl.

Free Patterns

I have a number of free patterns available on my site.  I started by making an END ALS knitted beanie.  I quickly got a request for a crochet version!  These patterns and a few others are available on my site, click below!

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Paid Patterns

I also have knit and crochet patterns available for purchase on Ravelry and Payhip.  I designed each pattern to be either universally wearable (meaning many people can wear and enjoy the design) or adaptive (meaning the design is specialized or altered to provide specific functionality).

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What Is ALS

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is a neurodegenerative disease that causes progressive muscle weakness and atrophy.  It is a fatal disease with no reliable treatment or cure.  Individuals with ALS experience this atrophy and eventual paralysis and death.  ALS can present differently in different people, often starting in either the limbs or head and neck.  


How can you help?

ALS is currently has no cure….but only b/c we have found one yet.  ALS research depends on donations  and fundraisers.

If you want to help, consider donating to an ALS organization.  Check out options around you for in-person events like ALS walks or Ales for ALS.  Fundraise for your events and recruit your friends and family to help!

Support ALS Organizations

There are many organizations out there doing great work to find a cure for ALS through research and clinical trials, as well as patient outreach and support.  

No donation is too small!  Every dollar makes a different!